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MFA Studio Course Project


Ever want to learn more about an alcoholic beverage before you purchase it? Liquor IQ brings an entirely new outlook to your liquor store experience with digital shelving that offers more than just a price point. Liquor IQ allows you to learn more about a product before you buy it including a description, reviews, and information about the brewery/winery/ distillery.

Project Prompt

Hindsight is 20/20 – Looking back at a situation or event that occurred and having a clearer understanding of how it could have been done better.


The idea first for LiquorIQ initially came as a thought while visiting the local liquor store. Our neighbor has monthly tastings at his house and recently asked me to join. I never really had any bourbon previously, but after learning more about it, I grew an appreciation for it. While I was at the liquor store going to purchase a bourbon for next month's tasting, I noticed a post-it note sticker promoting a new rare bourbon the store had. I wondered if this bourbon was worth trying? Is it worth the cost? How rare is it? From there the idea of the redesign/recreation of liquor store shelving came to be my project.


I began to go to stores that sell beer, wine, and liquor to see how they treated their shelving systems. I noticed that a few craft beer stores used print out review sheets by Beer Advocate to promote high rated beers. I also researched online new technology the industry is using that was different from the typical paper sleeves. I found that some bars have digital TVs that show what they have on tap near the bar. This is created by companies like Untappd, DigitalPour, and Taplist. From there I started to question that with all the advances in technology why are we so behind on store shelving strips?


“This would automate a lot of work and cut down our time of getting products on the shelf. Digital is always easier.” 

– Bill State Liquor Store Owner

“Would be much easier for me with posting on social media to promote the new products that came in. Right now it is just as I can get to them, if I could do it while I’m stocking, saves me time.”

– Ryan Liquor Store Manager


“I’m surprised this doesn't exist yet. It would help my customers who frequently ask staff members to recommend beers for them. My staff is constantly stocking shelves or serving customers (bar) so this would cut down additional time they spend having to answer questions.”

  – Jeff - Craft Beer, Wine Store Owner 


The development of the Liquor IQ app went through several variations and revisions to help organize information to what customers would want to know about products. This process went through user testing for receiving feedback throughout the process.

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