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Craze – The Bourbon Boom Video

 MFA Studio Project

The idea for Craze came while doing research for my graduate research project.


Researching the history of bourbon and being a current bourbon drinker during the bourbon boom, I found that not much in terms of graphic design or videos really showcases the current bourbon boom in America from different standpoints.


It was quite some time since I picked up a camera for videography or edited any video design work. I thought this was a great opportunity to touch up on those skills and refine my video editing.


So I began contacting distilleries to set up a trip to Kentucky.


One trip turned into three.

While I was in Kentucky, I got a first-hand view of distilleries in action during the bourbon boom. I talked with Master Distillers, bourbon drinkers, and local store/bar owners learning the factors that go into the bourbon boom and the 'craze' demand we are now seeing from it.

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