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18A Bourbon is a prohibition themed bourbon branding focusing on stories, fictional but with twists of truth, of how alcohol was illegally distributed during prohibition. Here is the 18A Bourbon story:

During prohibition, businesses that secretly sold bourbon marked their alley doors 18A, short for the 18th Amendment. Being able to spot these secret locations was only the first hurdle. You could purchase bourbon only if you knew the secret way how to. 18A bourbon relives the stories and recipes from prohibition.

MFA Graduate Research Project


The alcohol industry is increasingly becoming one of the largest and most crowded product markets. For brands, getting noticed on the shelf is becoming increasingly difficult. In my research, I concluded that to be successful in terms of design brands must reach a target drinker, stay true to their brand, pay homage to tradition, storytell, and be innovative. The key is being visually attractive and creating a customer experience.

My work on 18A Bourbon showcases how graphic design, storytelling, and paying homage to tradition create an interesting customer experience and makes a product stand out amongst a crowd.

18A Storefront Displays and Pop-Up Speakeasy

With each bottle purchased, a secret code is revealed under the wax seal that can then be submitted online to redeem access to exclusive speakeasy events. 

The speakeasy storefront displays are an interactive way to promote 18A Bourbon at liquor stores or at the distillery itself. When looking through the door opening, you can tell there is something within each display creating the user to want to open the door. 

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